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Muscle Beach Venice

What is Muscle Beach Venice

Wikipedia online would tell you that Muscle Beach Venice is…

“an area in Venice, California, on Ocean Front Walk two blocks north of Venice Boulevard and named such due the presence of bodybuilding equipment at those places.

BUT Venice Muscle Beach is SO MUCH MORE than that!

  • Muscle Beach Venice is a true symbol of a 100 year tradition of a highly enriched California Beach Lifestyle!
  • Muscle Beach Venice is a symbol Fitness known around the world for the beautiful and fit people who populate it at all times!
  • Muscle Beach Venice is a symbol of the most famous and celebrated Bodybuilding champions of the world, probably most noted is the silhouette that is the center piece of the official Venice muscle Beach Logo, and that is Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Muscle Beach Venice is a symbol of the beautiful California Beach sunsets, Pacific Ocean Sands and interesting and world famous people and sights of the Venice California Boardwalk!
  • Muscle Beach Venice is a MUST EXPERIENCE for anyone around the world, to walk where the famous and infamous have walked, to work out where the most fit people of the world have worked out and to experience the wonder of all that Venice Muscle Beach is like millions have!

Come see us!  Become a part of a tradition!