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Gwen Pearl is on a personal mission to soothe, transform or just make you want to move with her impressive soprano sax chops, soothing voice, and well-honed songwriting skills.  As a lyricist, she possesses an uncanny ability to capture spiritual themes and truths of the human experience across many genres.  As a composer & instrumentalist, her melodic and rhythmic sensibilities are expressed with a deep soulfulness that connects on a visceral level. With a reverence for many musical styles such as jazz, rock, country and even world-beat, Gwen weaves a beautiful mosaic of influences into her tracks. Her music has been placed in movies and TV, performed throughout the United States, and has gained recognition in local as well as international song contests.

For Gwen Pearl, music is a way of processing life. She views her personal experiences through a deeply spiritual lens, then channels and transforms them into her art.  As an anthem for her approach to the journey called “life” and the passion called “music”, her song My Evolution speaks to the soul’s yearning to grow while experiencing all things, good and bad. It has inspired many with its universal message and the music video has received recognition as a finalist for the Video of the Year Award from emPower Music & Arts.

Always striving to challenge herself and explore new musical landscapes, Gwen Pearl is currently pushing and expanding the boundaries of her sax playing on an electronic music instrumental project. The EP is scheduled for release in early fall 2017 and will be supported by several music videos. While fully aware of the past attention she has received as a “novelty sax-playing chick”, Gwen is determined to blow the doors off of any preconceived notions of what she can bring to the table. Her instrumental recording, “You Made Me a Believer” anted up big-time on that ambition and was used in an episode of Celebrity Sweat broadcast on Spike TV and Delta Airlines.