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The Muscle Beach Venice Bodybuilding Hall of Fame, in conjunction with the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, recognizes excellence in bodybuilding and physical culture.  It recognizes individuals who have inspired, informed, entertained and advanced the art, sport and the science of bodybuilding and physical culture.  Each year, the Muscle Beach Venice Bodybuilding Hall of Fame Board selects person(s) to be considered for induction into the Hall of Fame.  A minimum of one to no more than six will be inducted each year.  (The number of inductees to be elected is determined annually by the Board of Directors).  Bodybuilding champions must be retired for at least five years before being eligible for consideration and have at least ten (10) years of active participation in the bodybuilding field as either a competitor, trainer, gym owner or bodybuilding journalist.

The Lifetime Achievement Award and the Hall of Fame Award will only be awarded to individuals who have had at least thirty (30) years of active experience in the field and must have demonstrated significant influence in the advancement of the art, sport, and science of bodybuilding and physical culture.  These awards may not be awarded every year if submitted candidates do not meet the criteria.


  1. The Selection Committee will consist of at least 4 members with a 10 year term.They are as follows:
    1. Joe Wheatley – President, Founding Member, Muscle Beach Venice Bodybuilding Hall of Fame
    2. John Balik – Publisher, Iron Man Magazine
    3. Jerry Brainum – Historian and Nutrition Expert
    4. Eric Fleishman (AKA “Eric The Trainer)  –  Hollywood Physique Expert
    5. Steve Downs – Noted bodybuilding expert in the fitness industry.
    6. Victor Jauregui – Director of Venice Recreation Center (non-voting member)
  2. The Board will select a president to serve a term of 10 years with the possibility to be renewed for a maximum 5 year term.
  3. Elections will take place at the December meeting.


  1. Nominations are to be made yearly and only if there are qualified candidates.
  2. Male or female participants are eligible for nomination
  3. Muscle Beach Hall of Fame candidates are inducted from one of two (2) categories:  Athletics, and/or Service Candidates. Examples of the Service Category could include Photojournalists, Promoters, Historians, Nutrition Experts, etc.
  4. Any person with a serious interest in bodybuilding and fitness can nominate deserving individuals for induction into the Muscle Beach Hall of Fame.
  5. Senior or junior athletic performance or titles are not to be considered.
  6. Athletes may be nominated if deceased.
  7. Candidates who are not selected may be resubmitted the following year.
  8. The Selection Committee may withdraw a candidate’s name from consideration for actions which do not support Muscle Beach Bodybuilding ideals or is detrimental to the future of the sport or organization.
  9. The Selection Committee must cast a vote to withdraw a name(s).  Candidates will be dropped from the selection process if a majority of (minimum of 3) the committee members agree.


  1. Each member of the Selection Committee shall select up to a maximum of six (6) candidates who meet the eligibility criteria and the requirements.
  2. When submitting the nomination ballot, the applicant must list criteria with other substantiating data, which allows for an evaluation of the candidates qualification for the award.
  3. Committee members are prohibited from nominating a candidate.


  1. Each committee member votes for a maximum of three (3) candidates (do not rank at this time) from the nomination list which was complied from the Selection Committee nomination lists.
  2. Candidates from the categories of athlete, or service are to be placed on the same ballot and are to be voted against one another.


  1. The Board of Directors will announce to the media before January 1st who has been elected for induction into the Muscle Beach Venice Bodybuilding Hall of Fame.
  2. Induction ceremony will take place Memorial Day, 4th of July, or Labor Day
  3. Applications must be returned with verifying documents no later than November 1st.